Eat and the City

For people who love food.

Choosing a restaurant can be difficult. Our community of content partners, foodies, bloggers and food critics create an outstanding source of information about the best food experiences in a city. Our aim is to allow location-based discovery with unique and interesting recommendations of the best restaurants and high-level reviews peer-reviewed with our international food critic network.

EatAndTheCity provides quality information and organization to foodies. In the near future; reviewers and foodies can save and share maps and lists of their favourite restaurants. If you have a food blog or YouTube channel, you can link your reviews to our mapping system to drive traffic to your content. Users in our system can select you and your partners as ‘trusted advisors” for good restaurant choices. Once you have built a community of 1000 users, you can put our “Trusted Advisor to EatAndTheCity” badge on your site.



Case 1. Let’s imagine a scenario where a family who are reading about a new restaurant on a local news site. The parents can book a table directly from the article they are reading, however due to bad weather they decide not to go tonight. While the family continues their search online, they realize how easy it is to order food from the module on this site. Because the EatAndTheCity platform is so easy to use, they end up ordering takeout for the entire family.

Case 2: A young couple reads about a new restaurant project, organized by one of the biggest newspapers in their country. Both browse through the website, read interviews with chefs, watch videos and discover the EatAndTheCity platform. They localize themselves and find all the restaurants nearby. The couple reserve a table for the weekend. After visiting their new favorite restaurant, they post a positive review on the platform.

Case 3. Let’s imagine a scenario where a businesswoman is organising a meeting with a new potential client. She reads about a new restaurant on the local news website and suggests to the client that they visit this restaurant for dinner to discuss potential business opportunities. The businesswoman is able to reserve a restaurant table directly from the media site. During the business dinner, the two agree on a very lucrative business proposition. Later the same year the businesswoman sends a giftcard to her new business client as appreciation for their new partnership, bought from EatAndTheCity platform.