Eat and the City

Unleashing the joy of discovering memorable restaurants

We are unleashing the joy of discovering memorable places, and liberating  the knowledge of global city hotspots. We have built the best digital restaurant community platform on the planet.

People living in the cities have the right to enjoy the best and the most memorable restaurants that the city has to offer. A big part of meaningful city life consists of eating out with friends and exploring the best new restaurants that are popping up constantly.

EatAndTheCity brings people and restaurants together by providing the best restaurant communities on the planet. We are a platform for people to share their experiences, read reviews and rate restaurants. We provide platform tools for restaurants to promote their services, sell gift cards and to interact with customers.

We have built the best digital restaurant community platform on the planet

Eat And The City is a white label platform which empowers local trusted media icons to build the best local restaurant community. In the Northern Europe we have success stories in Estonia and Finland with City Digital, including TableOnline table bookings & restaurant reservations, restaurant listings, food order (Foodora, Wolt, OnlineFood) and prepaid restaurant gift cards. The platform is now available to be licensed for media companies and for the banking industry to a create full stack app which it is an aggregation of all needed information about local memorable restaurants.

“Digital revenue grew +2367% in 4 years.” – City Digital, Deloitte Fast500 competition 2016, EMEA

We are looking for licensing partners in London, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Riga, Paris, Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Amsterdam and other big cities in Europe and USA.

Benefits for media partners

Local media has many interesting pieces of information about restaurants. Editors write excellent articles about restaurants such as “Top 5 restaurants in London”,  “The best sushi restaurants in New York”. However, at the moment, the only sales revenue being created is from advertisements contained within the articles. Eat and the City provides a full stack restaurant solution for media because readers can browse reviews (user generated, moderated content) and interact with restaurants directly from the article through a native advertisement tool and via white label restaurant portal. Through this functionality, media reader can reserve a table, order food, buy a gift card, pay the bill (prepayment) etc. Eat and the City provides new revenue streams for media partner and we have recorded over 2000% increase in revenues.

Benefits for media partner are:

  • More relevant information about local restaurants
  • Readers will spend more time on media generating additional revenue
  • New revenue streams and services for media partners

Benefits for restaurants

“You bring so many new customers to our restaurants that we definitely will continue.” – Restaurant Owner

During rush hour restaurants can lose business because they are unable to answer the phone to take reservations. This is no longer a problem because Eat and the City is integrated with TableOnline reservation system. As a result, restaurants can receive reservations directly from articles in local newspapers.

Restaurants will obtain email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers for all customers and can later use this information for marketing campaigns.

The Eat and the City product

Eat and the City product is available for white label licensing (SaaS / PaaS).

Eat and the City consists of:

1) Ipad software that we provide to restaurants
2) Intelligent online search engine (integrated with local trusted media partner)
3) Table Bookings software (works with OpenTable, BookATable, TableOnline), integrated food order software (works with Foodora, Wolt, Delivery Hero, OnlineFood etc)
4) Food / Drink Prepayment module (Major Credit Cards, Amex, Visa, Mastercard supported)
5) Gift Card automation system (also white label)
6) Data driven Native Restaurant Ad delivery tool (Compatible with DFP and major ad delivery platforms)


The joy of discovering memorable new places

Eat and the City makes it possible to bring all restaurants into one place with super search tools. Discovering new memorable places has never been more fun.

One-stop shopping for table reservations, food ordering and gift card purchasing

A seamless user experience is everything. The application engages the customer, and our state-of-the-art functionality allows customers to make table reservations, purchase gift cards or order food immediately. This one-stop shopping experience broadens the restaurant exposure in the most efficient way possible.

Digitizing restaurant article user experience with native advertising

The best digital restaurant community on the planet

“Your product made it possible for me to find my new favourite restaurant. I definitely gave the restaurant 5 stars! Thank you!”

“I often check what restaurants are open near me from your site to get ideas where to go to eat today.”

Benefits for active foodies and groups going to eat out or in.

Case 1. Our app in action: Let’s imagine a scenario with a family who are reading about a new restaurant in a local news site. The parents are able to book a table directly from the article they are reading for the upcoming weekend. While the family continues their search online, they realize how easy it is to order take out food from the application in this site. Because the application is so easy to use, they end up ordering take out for the entire family. The parents enjoy their dining experience that weekend with their preordered champagne and end up buying a gift card for the babysitter who is home watching the children.

Case 2. Our app in action: Let’s imagine a scenario with a couple. Woman is reading about a new restaurant in a local news site and suggesting him to go out. They are able to book a table directly from the article they are reading for the upcoming weekend. They enjoy their dining experience that weekend with their preordered champagne.

Case 3. Our app in action:

Let’s imagine a scenario with a business woman who is organising a meeting with a new important client. The business woman reads about a new restaurant in the local news site, and suggests to the client that they go to this restaurant for dinner to discuss potential business opportunities. The business woman is able to reserve a restaurant table directly from the media site. During the business dinner the two agree on a very lucrative business proposition. Later the same year the business woman sends a gift card to her new business client as appreciation for their new partnership.

Benefits for media reader / user:

  • One-stop shopping solution
  • More relevant information on newspaper site
  • Direct restaurant table booking from article and from community app
  • Direct orders for food from article and from community app
  • Gift cards for the best restaurants with immediate e-delivery