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EatAndTheCity helps international newspapers, magazines, local media & food guides to monetise the influence of content. Our white label restaurant discovery platform for media companies allows users to discover and reserve eating experiences in their city. The platform uses journalists, food critics, local users and food bloggers to provide expert unbiased reviews, feedback and recommendations on nearby restaurants, takeaways and eateries from trusted sources of information.

EatAndTheCity’s white label platform already collaborates with many leading companies in Finland and Estonia, with international media partners already signed up. Media and publishing companies are able to leverage their connection with local communities to generate new revenue streams. EatAndTheCity product is available for white label licensing (SaaS / PaaS).

We are unleashing the joy of discovering memorable places and liberating the knowledge of global city hotspots. We have built the best digital restaurant community platform on the planet.

People living in the cities have the right to enjoy the best and the most memorable restaurants that the city has to offer. A big part of meaningful city life consists of eating out with friends and exploring the best new restaurants that are popping up constantly.

We have built the best digital restaurant community platform on the planet

EatAndTheCity is a site provided with our local content partner. EatAndTheCity intelligently distills professional reviews with diners’ experiences to provide quality information and organization to foodies. It enables reviewers and foodies to save and share maps and lists of their favorite restaurants. Chefs and restaurant owners can take reservations, offer gift certificates, and provide updated information on menus and hours.

We provide our platform together with content partners like media companies, magazines and bloggers. For content partners, EatAndTheCity is a white label platform which empowers local trusted media icons to build the best local restaurant community.


EatAndTheCity tools are available for white label licensing (SaaS / PaaS).